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Wendy Bowen, Council Member

Aaron Reed is currently serving in his second term as Council Member for the Town of Crewe. Aaron is a member of the Finance and Personnel Committees. Aaron is a native of Brunswick County where he was raised by his father Jeff Reed. After graduating form Brunswick Academy, Aaron enlisted into the United States Marine Corps where he served for 8 years. Aaron served in the infantry with 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines; holding billets ranging from basic rifleman to Platoon Commander. Along with his unit, Aaron was forward deployed 4 times including tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time in the Marine Corps, Aaron learned what it takes to bring Marines together in order to accomplish a common goal. Today Aaron puts those skills to use running his practice as a financial planner, and investment advisor representative, from his office in Richmond. 

Now residing in Crewe, with his wife Amanda and their two sons Jase and Avery; Aaron enjoys, in his fee time, utilizing and preserving our natural resources while passing on that heritage to the next generation. While he may not wear the Marine corps uniform on a daily basis anymore, Aaron swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, which is why he decided to run for his first term as a Council Member in 2016. Aaron was humbled to have been elected and looks forward to representing the citizens of the Town of Crewe. 

D. Aaron Reed, Council Member

Phil Miskovic is currently serving his fourth term as councilman for the Town of Crewe, winning his first election in 2012.  Phil has served as chairman of Crewe’s Economic Development Committee and member of the Volunteer Services Committee.  Phil has also served as chairman of the Virginia Municipal League’s General Laws Policy Committee, and is currently a member of VML’s Legislative Committee.  Phil represented Crewe as a member of the Governor’s Rural Jobs Taskforce in 2013. 

While always politically-minded, Phil’s career in public service began with the 2009 election of Governor Bob McDonnell.  During this campaign—the most successful in modern Virginia history—Phil served first as a volunteer, and then as a finance and political assistant.  Following the governor’s election, Phil was appointed as a policy analyst for the Secretary of Public Safety, he provided operational support for oversight of Virginia’s eleven public safety agencies, totaling 22,000 employees and a $3 billion budget.  Following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Phil led and managed staff for the Governor’s Taskforce on School and Campus Safety, a major ten-month endeavor with over fifty appointed bipartisan stakeholders, resulting in dozens of legislative changes and over $10 million in budget reallocation statewide. 

Having dual roles at the top of state and local government, Phil has been able to leverage his knowledge and relationships to work with state leaders on economic issues central to Nottoway County.  In the governor’s administration, Phil worked with the Secretary of Public Safety and the Adjutant General of the Virginia National Guard on the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC) project from its early developmental stages.  When Governor McAuliffe was elected, Phil briefed the incoming governor’s public safety and policy transition teams on the importance of FASTC to Nottoway County, ensuring that it remained a priority at the state level.  In early 2015, Phil proposed that the Town of Crewe request state legislation to require VCBR to notify localities, the Commonwealth’s Attorney, and law enforcement when a sexually violent predator is released into their community.  This proposal ultimately resulted in HB2303, which passed the state legislature with broad support, and was signed into law by the governor.

Increasing government transparency, access, and communication has been Phil’s primary initiative as councilman for the Town of Crewe.  At his recommendation, Crewe has become Nottoway’s first and only governing body to make regular public meetings available for viewing on YouTube.  Individuals can also subscribe to the town email list, leave an anonymous comment in our suggestion box at the town office, or address Council at each meeting’s two public comment sections. Phil's other initiatives include establishing Crewe as Virginia’s first Healthy Eating/Active Living (HEAL) community, as designated by the Institute for Public Health Innovation and convening the Main Street Business/Property Owners Roundtable and Major Employer Roundtable.  

Phil is immediate past president of the Nottoway Historical Association, former treasurer of the Crewe-Burkeville Chamber of Commerce, former chairman of the Harris Memorial Armory Fundraising Committee, past president of the Crewe-Burkeville Lions Club, and member of the Piedmont Regional Health Coalition. 

Phil is a 2004 graduate of Nottoway High School, where he has worked on and off as a substitute teacher since graduating.  He is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Administration and Public Affairs Virginia Tech, holds a Master’s degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness from VCU, a BA in Religion from Hampden-Sydney College, and is a graduate of the Commonwealth Management Institute and the Sorensen Institute’s Political Leaders Program.

Phil Miskovic, Council Member

R.E. "Robbie" Knight, Council Member

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James Bradley, Council Member

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William "Billy" Abel, Council Member

Anne Stinson was first elected to Crewe Town Council in 2012.  As of July 1, 2018, Anne serves a fourth term as Vice Mayor and chairperson of the Personnel Committee.  Anne is also serving as a member of the Finance Committee.  Anne documents the progress on the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Crewe.

Mrs. Stinson pursued a career in education with the Nottoway County Public School system since 1975.  Mrs. Stinson retired from the position of principal of Nottoway High School in June of 2015 completing 40 years of service in the Nottoway County Public School system.  Mrs. Stinson served for years as an adjunct professor for Southside Virginia Community College.  In addition to the field of education, Mrs. Stinson has experience in banking and private business.

Anne and her husband, Jim, bought and restored the former Henry Lee House on Meade Street in Crewe in 1976.  This historic home was visited by Lottie Moon, the popular Baptist missionary.  The Stinsons bought and restored the Crewe Community Center in 2011.

In addition to serving on Crewe Town Council, Anne enjoys active participation in the Crewe Burkeville Chamber of Commerce, the Crewe Garden Club and the Friends of the Library.

Anne Stinson, Vice Mayor

Greg Eanes

Town Council
Anne Stinson (Vice Mayor)
William "Billy" Abel
Bill Faas
R.E. "Robbie" Knight
Phil Miskovic
D. Aaron Reed
Steve Sisk

Town Clerk

Tiffany Sisk​

Town Manager
Wade Walker

Chief of Police
Scott Dixon

Director of Public Works
Toney Shelton

Water & Wastewater Treatment Operator
John Hricko

The leadership of the Town of Crewe and its citizens are dedicated to the principles  of economic growth, enhancing the quality of life for the residents of the town, attracting desired socially responsible new businesses, and ensuring a fiscally sound town government, while preserving the rural characteristics of the town.

Scroll down for contact information, photos, and bios of the mayor and each member of council.  You can also leave a message for individual members of council at the town office.


Greg Eanes was first elected Mayor May 2016.  Prior to that he had served as Crewe’s first elected member of the Nottoway County School Board and had served a term on the Crewe Town Council.  He previously served as an appointed representative on the Nottoway County Planning Commission. 

In these various capacities, as a member of the Crewe-Burkeville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and as vice-president of the Piedmont Geriatric Association, he was active in regional lobbying efforts to maintain public funding for Piedmont Geriatric Hospital and the Cornerstone Rehabilitation Program helping to preserve needed services and several hundred full and part-time jobs in the local area.

A long-time advocate of regional tourism, Mayor Eanes is often quoted as saying, “Our historic past is the key to our economic future.”  In support of these efforts he, as a member of council, helped draft the first strategic development plan for the Crewe Railroad Park and ensured Crewe was included in the planning for the Lee’s Retreat and Wilson-Kautz Raid driving tours so it could take advantage of Virginia’s $2.1 billion Civil War tourism industry.  Mayor Eanes says of Civil War tourism, “Blue plus Gray Equals Green.  ‘Green’ is the color of tourism dollars that that show up in people’s paychecks, business profits and residual community tax revenues.  It is a necessary component of ‘job preservation’ which is just as important as ‘job creation’.”

He was the primary author for the Wilson-Kautz Driving Tour signage which impacts 17 communities in Southside Virginia and resulted in his receipt of the ‘Key to the City’ of Chase City. He was also instrumental in fighting off state efforts to close Twin Lakes State Park and Staunton River Bridge Battlefield State Park and a leading advocate in getting nearby Sailor’s Creek Battlefield Historical State Park included in the state’s first park bond referendum so a modern visitor’s center could be built.  Mayor Eanes says, “Virginia State Parks are a critical element of our rural tourism infrastructure.  They are destination points that bring people through and to our rural communities. They help our regional economies and contribute to job preservation.”

Mayor Eanes has also advocated development of a Revolutionary War driving tour through Southside Virginia in time for the 250th anniversary of American Independence. Such a tour would include Crewe, the site of Peter Francisco’s famous 1781 fight with Tarleton’s raiders,  and other points in Nottoway County. 

Since assuming the office of Mayor he has facilitated acquisition of land for use of town parks in support of Council’s Comprehensive Plan, initiated efforts to have a percentage of state lottery proceeds returned to the town’s coffers, initiated a council approved funding mechanism for infrastructure development, initiated a council approved repeal of the town’s car decal tax and initiated the reorganization of certain town offices to ensure greater public accountability and facilitated a public ceremony recognizing Crewe’s surviving World War II veterans on the 75th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.


Military Service

Colonel Eanes retired as Reserve Director for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance at Air Force Special Operations Command in August 2011 after 34 and one-half years uniformed service that included 23 and one-half years active duty.  He supported intelligence operations during the Cold War, the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM where he was the Evasion and Escape Intelligence Officer and acting Chief of Targets for Special Operations Command-Central; Operation IRAQI FREEDOM with two tours in Iraq as the officer in charge of the Scott Speicher Investigation for the Iraq Survey Group and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM where he served as the Deputy Chief and Acting Chief of Human and Counterintelligence for Combined Forces Command Afghanistan.  He holds the Bronze Star Medal with an Oak Leaf Cluster for meritorious wartime achievement, two Defense Meritorious Service Medals and the Air Force Meritorious Service Medal also in support of wartime activities.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Military History from American Military University and has been certified by the Virginia Courts System as an expert witness in military history and veteran’s affairs.  He has over 16 years full time and adjunct teaching experience, researches and speaks extensively on military history related topics particularly as they pertain to Virginia and has published multiple works to include Destroy the Junction: The Wilson-Kautz Raid and the Battle for the Staunton River Bridge, Sailor’s Creek: The Black Day of the Army and various monographs, all of which can be accessed through local libraries and bookstores.

He is currently a Visiting Lecturer at the Samuel V. Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest at Hampden-Sydney College where he teaches U.S. National Intelligence in support of the National Security Studies Program.

Greg Eanes, Mayor