The Town of Crewe garbage collection schedule is as follows:

          East end customers (east of Carter Street): Monday and Thursday

          West end customers (west of Carter Street): Tuesday and Friday

          Commercial/Business customers: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

All garbage must be placed in fly tight (garbage bags) containers and placed in cans with tops, no larger than 35 gallons.  Cans should be either placed in a rack or chained so wind or stray animals cannot overturn them.  Cans cannot weigh over 50 pounds.   Residents may have up to three cans per household.  All cans should be placed in the alley where available.

If you need a rack, please contact the town office.  Staff can build one for you at cost ($100 for a 2-can rack, $125 for a 3-can rack).

Trash Collection

Director of Public Works
Toney Shelton

Street Department