Crewe's town slogan, "Welcome aboard," was adopted in 2013.  Acknowledging the importance of the railroad industry in Crewe's history while riding the tracks into the future, we welcome visitors families, businesses, and visitors old and new on our journey.


 Adopted March 9, 2009
Designed by Lee Simmons
Graphically rendered by Jeff Martin


The logo begins at the bottom with the Town of Crewe’s established year of 1888.  The green pastureland signifies the town’s rural nature geographically.  The golden railroad tracks emphasize the prosperity that the railroad industry brought to the town.  The tracks are adjacent to two silver highways, Routes 360 and 460, that intersect near Crewe and are a major reason for the economic prosperity of the town today and into the future.  The highways also represent the convenience of travel to all major points north, south, east, and west.  The blue skyline of Crewe is diverse showing the spire of the municipal building, downtown buildings, a church steeple, single-family residences, and loblolly pines, all predominate in the true skyline of Crewe.  The text of the wording is italicized from right to left in a progressive fashion, which parallels the attitude of the leadership of the town.  All of the above features lead toward the brightly colored, golden sunshine that signifies the Town of Crewe’s bright future.


About Crewe

About Crewe

The N&W pre-planned and built the Town of Crewe in 1888.  Named for the large railroad town of Crewe, England, it was designed first and foremost to support the operations of the N&W as a Divisional halfway point between Norfolk and Roanoke, Virginia.  The railroad repair facility's importance diminished sharply in the 1950s, as the switch to diesel-electric locomotives required less labor and equipment.

Since its early days, Crewe has seen a number of historical events and figures pass through.  William Hodges Mann, Governor of Virginia was president of the Bank of Crewe.  Baptist missionary Lottie Moon is found her final resting place in the Crewe cemetery.  From reconstruction to World War II to today and beyond, Crewe has had its share of events and eccentricities; but through it all, it has maintained its authentic down-home charm.

For more information on the history of Crewe, purchase A History of Crewe, VA from the Railroad Museum, or check out a copy from the Crewe Library.